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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 7, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is wjz tv, wjz hot and baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz. maryland's news station. twin fires, two massive blazes break out in downtown baltimore just hours apart. >> tonight the damage ton and the investigation into how both fires started. hello everyone, i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise. people are talking about fires tonight. >> both devastating and both huge. two huge fires raised through a block in downtown baltimore. tonight we're seeing video of the first fire. [ oh ] >> as you just saw there, a
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huge fireball erupts just as the roof of the building along baltimore street collapses. alex company gaslight saloon ski shot this video from the phone at where he works. less than 1 hours later another fire erupts. adam may. >> reporter: for the second time in less than 12 hours a fire hits downtown baltimore. in the 800 block of charles street. >> friend of mine lives across the street. he said when this first started it was like an apocalypse. >> it is dangerous, look at the water coming down, you know. give them a lot of credit. >> reporter: the fire little the night sky. firefighters had to abandon the building and attack it from the outside. >> do you have any idea what the cause may be. >> we know it started on a lower floor and went up the building through some pipe chases, got up in the attic.
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the guys did a great job here, it was a very, very tough fire. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood came to see what happened to the restaurants, including done a's. >> reporter: a ty place and the afghany helmet was also damaged. >> there is smoke, but hopefully they'll take core of it today. >> reporter: and get it back open tomorrow. >> open up soon. >> reporter: in mount investor knob none, adam may, wjz "eyewitness news." >> that fire came incredibly just hours after the first five alarm blaze in the heart of the adult entertainment district. police are trying to figure out if an arsonist started the fire. federal agents from the atf are being called in to help with the investigation. >> reporter: investigation. >> we're going to do everything in our power to explain to the sit sends of baltimore to find
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out why this fire started. >> definitely not arson, that would break my heart. >> reporter: >> tomorrow the fire department will start reconstructions. damage is estimated between 2 and $3 million. a mother and father' mission, a local teen is electrocuted after touching a fence at a local ball park. her parents are on a crusade to make sure that never happened today. kellye macpherson is where the teenager died, looking for stray voltage. >> reporter: stray voltage is when an object like a pole or a fence becomes electrified. usually it because of faulty wires nearby, that's what happened here four years ago and now the green family wants to find all potential dangerous spots and ask the city to fix them. a former baltimore cold and his wife are on a mission to find stray voltage. >> this is what killed our daughter. >> reporter: four years ago the green's 14-year-old daughter deanna died after touching a baseball field fence in drew ed
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hill park. the fence was hitting an exposed wire underground. 227 volts electrocuted her. >> i don't want it to happen and that's why bob and i are so intent on having the city address the issues. >> reporter: they found a new jersey company that can detect objects that become electrified. there's nothing visible but there is electric field radiating off of them so this truck will sense that sort of like a radio receiver would sense radio signals. >> reporter: that sound indicates high voltage. the technicians check it out. 218 volts on the surface of the pole. >> reporter: touch a wire from the environmenter jived pole to the grounded metal manhole cover and you can see the electricity. putting a hand on this would not necessarily electrocute this, the conditions would have to be right, like simultaneous lee touching a grounded fence. >> we are proof that it can
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happen. >> this truck checks other major cities. >> how many do you find in new york. >> reporter: >> we typically find 800 problems. >> reporter: so far they say they have found 3 to 400 spots in baltimore. the greens are taking the full list to city hall. >> she may not be here with us but she is with us and as long as we have brett we'll fight to have this corrected. >> this company has only surveyed about 20% of the city this week. the mayor's office says they cannot comment unless they are brought into the lawsuit filed by the greens jz "eyewitness news." some repairs to electrical work has been done in city parks since deanna's death. tonight the country reacts to the death of elizabeth edwards, the estranged wife of john edwards, the strength and service severe in the light of
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many heart aches won her the hearts of many americans. elizabeth edwards died tuesday morning at her home in chapel hill, north carolina, surrounded by her three children, friends and her estranged husband john. a statement released by her family reads "today we have lost the comfort of elizabeth's presence but she lives with this family." >> she ghosted a message of her facebook page. the days i have are made all the more meaningful and precious. the post continued it is impossible to put into words the love and gratitude i feel for everyone who continues to inspire me every day. to me, i simply say, you know. love, elizabeth. president obama said he and the first lady are heavily saddened by the passage. she was a source of inspiration. hillary clinton also released a
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statement. biden said edwards fought a brave battle. clinton said she made her mark on america and will not be forgotten. >> i'm going to chemotherapy now. >> she looked well at one of her final appearances, the stand up to cancer celebration in september. >> cancer doesn't care you have young children that need their mother. elizabeth edwards was 61 years old. in washington, joel brown, wjz, "eyewitness news." now the family asked that donations be made to the wade edwards foundation, which benefits the wade edwards learning lab. the foundation was named in honor of the couple's 16-year- old son who died in 1996. president obama is defending the compromise he made with republicans over tax cuts an jobless benefits:the president is trying to get his own party on board with the deal. it would extend the bush tax cuts for another two years, unemployment benefits for 13 months, and lower payroll tax for a year. republicans are pleased but some democrats say the plan
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will hurt the mid-many class. lawmakers must pass the deal by the end of the year or else taxes go up for everyone on new year's day. new clues tonight into what killed a teen from baltimore found dead in the middle of a massachusetts neighborhood. police believe delfonte ran away from home and hid in the wheel well of a plane bound for boston. they found aviation grease on his pants. but no news how he got through the fence and on to the runway. a 7-eleven in glen burney needs to shorten their hours. county leaders are lobbying 7- eleven to allow the change. kai? >> reporter: that's right dethese. in an unusual move the county executive is speaking up for the store manager, asking that the hours of the store be curbed in the name of public
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safety. 48-year-old yousef if a tee a, a clerk, was shot and killed inside this 7-eleven during a robbery in the early morning hours of august 13th. the camera captured these pictures of a suspect who they are still trying to find. >> it looks like he attempted to flee for his safety, that's when he was shot. >> reporter: a pea tillings is now circulating with the manager's support that would close the store from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. now in an unusual move the anne arundel county executive is getting involved joining the push to curb the store's hours. >> the chief of police sent a letter to south bend corporation saying please consider the request of this store manager. >> reporter: other crimes in the area is apparently another factor in the move to exchange the store's hours. >> would it make you feel any safer if it closed earlier? no, not really. we see a lot of police presence
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in this area throughout the night. >> normally we stay out of corporate decisions but, this particular case, the brutal murder alarmed this community. >> reporter: yousef is survived by a wife and two children. the manager of that store is not allowed to speak. back to you. 7-eleven has increased the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for yousef's desk to $30,000. a baltimore landmark is set to close for good. you have just one season left to get crash from graffiti beaky's crab house. the restaurant on crab street will open in march as usual, then shutter its doors next november. it will continue to operate its mail order side at bwi marshall airport. they began serving crabs in the
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1940s. a great holiday tradition is alive in the canton neighborhood tonight. neighbors and business owners turned out for the third annual lamp post lighting in '0done square. each business decorated its own lamp post in festive attire. there was a visit from santa and to keep everyone warm out there local bars served cider, hot chocolate and special eggnog. >> i saw one store had it decorated like a palm tree. an airport disaster barely avoided. how two planes were put on the same path and how it was avoided at the last minute. how security is going to affect your packages. we show you chilling surveillance video of a gunman. a warmup in the works for the weekend. i'm bob jarrett, i'll have the complete first weather forecast coming up next.
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. complete coverage continues with kai jackson, first warning weather, with bob turk and sports with mark viviano. it's wjz. maryland's news station. ,, [ female announcer ] safeway talks the main course. mmm. you smell that? yeah, wait. what is that? love. smells like ham. [ female announcer ] serve a main course brimming with comfort and joy. safeway. ingredients for life.
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when you don't have to cook, you have time for other things. yeah, like what? i don't know. fishing. [ clears throat ] oh. ha. ha. [ female announcer ] when we do the cooking, you do the enjoying. safeway. ingredients for life. it is 27 degrees and mainly clear in central maryland right now. the complete forecast is coming up. a close call. a plane just landing in boston
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nearly collided with another plane on the runway. >> 54, what's your gate tonight. >> c33. >> 12 fish for, taxi to 22 right charlie into the ramp. >> charlie to the ramp. >> jetblue hold, jetblue 1264 hold. >> jetblue airlines says the pilot should have turned left on the inactive runway but turned right towards a plane taking off by mistake. luckily an air traffic controller spotted the mistake and made the save just in time. under arrest, the founder of wikileaks came out of hiding into a media storm today. julian assuage's arrest had nothing 0 do with authorities that want to question him in a sexual molestation case. his lawyer says he will keep fighting the extradition and arresting his client won't stop
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the leaks. september 1st, 2010, the day a major hostage situation erupted at discovery channel headquarters, james lee, a man known for protesting the environmental programming stormed in carrying a handgun and held three people hostage. now, for the first time ever, we're seeing the surveillance video from that day. lindsey mathis reports from wjz. >> reporter: this is surveillance video from inside discovery channel. they say that's james j lee in the corner, putting on a vest he created using pipe bombs. soon a hostage crawls across the floor. montgomery county police shared this footage with other security experts during a workplace violence seminar in silver springs. police didn't have access to this footage until the standoff
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was over. a hostage negotiator talked with lee on the phone for nearly four house. [ unintelligible ] . >> police say the hostages used hand gestures to devise a plan to escape. this video shows what happened at that moment. lee was killed by police, german says in his pocket was a thumbdrive with two videos. they are of lee testing his pipe bombs. german satisfies lee planned to die that day. an entry on his outlook calendar read "the end." but why didn't his pipe bombs explode. german says he doesn't know but they are glad the bombs didn't go off. silver springs, lindsey mathis. >> police ended up shooting and killing the suspect. the two discovery employees and a security guard held hostage were not hurt during the four-
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hour standoff. tonight america pauses to remember. it was 69 years ago today that japan attacked imperial harbor. more than 2,000 sailers were killed when japanese planes attacked the home base of the pacific fleet. one day later congress declared war against japan and began u.s. involvement in world war ii. some of the survivors, the youngest of whom are in their late 80s, gathered to remember those killed. u.p.s. is now requiring photo identification from customers shopping packages from relate locations. the company decided to step up security as it prepares for its busiest shipping take of the year. u.p.s. expects to deliver more than 430 million packages between now and christmas. a very strange traffic stop for police in kansas city. officers were surprised to find a 3-foot will gay over the in the back seat of a car.
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the alligator belonged to chris greening who bought the citer on craigslist, they captured it and sent it to an animal shelter. he says he wants his pet back. >> she used to sleep in my bed. i used to keep her mouth taped shut so she can't p bite. she is mellow, calm. i don't see why they took her. >> we're talking about alligator. he says if he can reclaim the alligator he plans to take care of her until she grows about 12 feet long and find a better home for her. there's someone for everyone you know. have you that you had out from last year's blizzards? the snow is back in maryland. as much as 12" of the stuff is already in the ground. this video was taken in allegheny and derek county. the ski resort says they have seen 19" since the flakes started falling on sunday. well you won't be finding any alligators out there, i can guarantee you that. >> literally, when you go from cumberland to frost berg it's
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day and night, up that mountain and there's where the snow strikes. still getting a few but canceled the winter storm warning. there is plenty of snow out in the county, in the western portions of allegheny county. around here a few folks had a few flurries. but it's still cold. dewpoint down to 11 degrees. west wind at 15, the barometer still rising, 27 here, 12 in oakland, 25 in cumberland and down the shore at 31 to ocean city, the wind still between 10 and 15 miles per hour. 16 in oakland brings the wind chill down to 5 below zero, our current wind chill, feels like 15 degrees out. 22 is the way it feels down at the beach now. a little wave of low pressure over the central plains is going to move up towards the great lakes, going to pass to our west. it will bring with it some milder air. right now the track of this is not 100% sure but most of the
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models have this to our west which means warmer air coming up along the east coast for friday, saturday, sunday, maybe into the upper 40s. now as this system gets close late saturday night and sunday morning, a lady called up a bit of a mixture in the beginning, then rain. at the end, once it leaves, some colder air comes in the backside of it. we could see a little wet snow maybe ending sunday evening, so we'll keep watching this system but primarily we're looking at a rain event. the snow continues to our snort this afternoon, it's winding down as the storm pulls out finally into northern kansas, not nearly as much lake snow tonight. but we still have cold air. eventually this moves up, we won't be dealing with the strong winds thursday and friday. yes, there comes that warmer air the end of the week. we're based on a low to mid-40s tonight then, few clouds in there, 22 by morning, still awfully chilly. 35, still a breeze tomorrow
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with more sunshine. 36, 40 friday, 48 and the chance of rain here on sunday. maybe. and there is a little mixture of rain and wet snow. denise. >> thank you bob. coming up, ravens coach john harbaugh has harsh words for his critics. >> more steelers fall out. >> more steelers fall out. ,,,,,,
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ravens coach john har bow bah took some heat on his call video show tonight. fans still upset after that loss to the steelers but the coach said if you're not proud of his team you need to find another team to cheer for. he added that those who aren't proud probably don't know much about football. losing at home to the heated rivals from pittsburgh has the fans and the coach on edge despite the frayed nerves. they remain in good playoff position, a record of 0-4, harbaugh says he is certain his players will have no problem recovering from the steelers setback. >> when you commit, sacrifice,
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work for a common cause, you got a bunch of guys you have been shoulder to shoulder with and you have been in battle with, so to speak, then you have no other choice. then you're gonna bounce back. that's what our guys are gonna do. next test on the road in houston monday night. stevens primetime tuesday will with the texans here on prime entitlement, special coverage takes off at 8:00. at the winter meetings in florida they had talks to not give up nolan reimold. tie wiggins finds a new home, signs a two year deal with the colorado rockies worth about $7 million, wigginton played could seasons with the yankees. the yankees officially keep derek jeter. he spoke at a press conference after signing a 3 year contract for $51 million, women's college basketball in baltimore
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tonight, coach brenda freese brought her nationally ranked maryland terrapins to take on low yoel a. terrapins trailed for the first 9 minutes and went on a tear. lynette a keiser hit 9 of her 10 shots, maryland wins it 79- 61, 7 straight wins for the terps, their record now 8-1. the maryland men play in college park tomorrow night. they'll take on greensboro. i'll be at the ravens practice tomorrow. you'll have something to tell us. there is said to be intelligent animals. how do you trick a panda. >> keepers at a zoo in china feel they know. find out if they know how it ,,,
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anniversary of the capital christmas tree litigate. this year a tree from wyoming was chosen. the 67-foot tree is decorated with thousands of ornaments made by school children from wyoming. at a zoo in china caretakers for pandas are taking their care to a whole new level. they dress as giant pandas when they interact with cubs before they are released into the wild. they are an endangered and highly threatened species. that's a real one, right. >> i have never seen them carry plastic ,,
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